Kenon Vinson

Data Visualization Competition Winner

A distinguished chemist, Kenon worked in the analytical laboratories of multinational corporations such as Dole and Coca-Cola. He won the 2019 Data Visualization challenge held by Data Science Philippines before committing fully to a career in Data. His aptitude for the arts and sciences, as well as his experience in technical data collection, analysis, and communication, have been key to his success as a data storyteller.

Check out Kenon’s recent infographic on the coronavirus outbreak below. This infographic was made in Excel and Powerpoint and made the front page of Reddit.

How fast is the coronavirus spreading?

My Sessions

DEMO WORKSHOP: Vision to Viz – Creating a Data Story from Scratch

Plenary Hall

In this hands on workshop session, Data Visualization Competition winner Kenon Vinson will walk participants through the development of a high-impact data story designed for mass appeal. Topics covered during the workshop include data preparation, metric selection, chart selection, storyboarding, design and narrative construction. This is an Instructor led demo workshop. Participants do not require […]