Diedre Downing

Senior Instructor


Lead Data Storytelling Trainer at StoryIQ, Diedre is a former Wall St trader, college lecturer and NYC Department of Education program leader. Prior to StoryIQ, she oversaw the operation, curation and data-driven strategy of WeTeachNYC.org-the NYC Department of Education’s online space for curricular and professional learning materials supporting over 76,000 professional educators.

She is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York and holds a Master’s in Mathematics from Pace University.


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My Sessions

Keynote 1 – The Essential Elements of Powerful Data Stories

Plenary Hall

Data is everywhere – which makes fluency in understanding, using, and communicating with, and about, data an essential skill.  Often, we focus on building impressive visualizations and dashboards only to find our audience confused about what we need them to actually learn, or act on, from our data.  Data storytelling helps to bridge the gap […]


Panel Session – Bridging Data and Storytelling to Create Insight

Plenary Hall

Panelists: Diedre Downing and Mrinal Daryani Moderator: Maria Rosell S. Gomez