Dominic Bohan

Co-founder, TEDx Speaker


StoryIQ Lead Data Storytelling Trainer and a TEDx speaker, Dom brings a wealth of data storytelling experience to StoryIQ from his career at QBE, one of Australia’s largest insurance companies. At QBE, he was a senior leader in analytics, procurement, and business improvement.

He has been responsible for negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with suppliers, presenting data driven strategy recommendations to the company’s senior executives, and producing reporting for the Group Board of Directors.

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My Sessions

Keynote 3 – Structuring Your Story Like a Management Consultant

Plenary Hall

Why do management consultants charge so much, and why are they still the first team called in when C-Level Executives are feeling overwhelmed? Consultants apply a rigorous, highly structured approach to crafting their stories. They ensure that above all else, their message is utterly clear to their audience. This approach will be contrasted against the […]


Panel Session – The Art of Presenting Data to Upper Management

Plenary Hall

Panelists: Isaac Reyes and Dominic Bohan Moderator: Mary Jade T. Roxas – Divinagracia CFA® CVA